OMB Duties and Responsibilities

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Lucas County Office of Management (OMB) is to ensure the effective and efficient use of resources in order to sustain the delivery of quality services to the residents of Lucas County. OMB serves as a strategic business partner to promote actions to achieve the County’s priorities; deliver a clear and accurate picture of the County’s current and future financial position; and stimulate behaviors across the organization to achieve strategic and financial objectives.

Office of Management and Budget’s Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the sound financial condition of Lucas County by providing the Board of County Commissioners and the County Administrator with timely and accurate decision-making information regarding policy and operating issues.
  • Advise on the availability and allocation of fiscal resources.
  • Monitor and report budget and operational performance.
  • Establish and maintain sound fiscal policies and procedures to govern operating practices.

Department-Wide goals:

  • Provide strong fiscal and principled management of County government resources and assets.
  • Ensure accountability to taxpayers, residents and other stakeholders.
  • Communicate accurately, clearly and in a timely manner to all OMB customers, constituencies and stakeholders.
  • Earn and maintain the respect and trust of each other and our customers. Provide an organizational environment that builds and recognizes performance excellence through diversity, trust, cooperation, innovation, empowerment, learning, and employee recognition.
  • Coordinate the Annual Operating Budget Process, the State Fiscal Year Budget Process, and the Capital Project Budget Process in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code for all Commission appropriated funds.
  • Provide review and analysis on budgetary amendments requested by various elected officials, agencies and departments. Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code, approved amendments will be placed in resolutions on the weekly BCC agenda.
  • Analyze county operations, as well as budget and financial issues for the Board of County Commissioners, the County Administrator, other elected officials and agencies.
  • Prepare financial analyses, forecasts, projections and plans in order to maintain financial stability of the various funds under Lucas County government.

2019 Goals:

  • Receive the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Program for the 2019 Document
  • Work with all of the Elected Officials to ensure that they are able to meet their statutory requirements within their approved budget          
  • Maintain or enhance Lucas County's current bond ratings
  • Facilitate Passage of the 2020 Budget before January 1, 2020
  •  Update/Create various Fiscal Policies