Staff Areas of Responsibility

Tim Revard


Assigned Departments/Agencies:
Prosecutor (Delinquent Tax), Sheriff (Court Security, Law Enforcement, Administration, Lucas County Corrections Center, Medical Corrections Center, Sheriff Policing)

Other Areas of Responsibility:
Capital, Debt, Purchase Requisition approval

Cheri Kizaur
Deputy Director


Assigned Departments/Agencies:
Sixth Court of Appeals, Clerk of Court (Centralized Records, Certificate of Title), Common Pleas Court (Regional Court Services, Adult Probation, Felony Diversion, Correctional Treatment Facility),  County Engineer, Domestic Relations Court, Facilities, Integrated Justice System

Other Areas of Responsibility:
Board of Revision, Building Operations, Capital, Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio, Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Debt, MacArthur Grant/Criminal Justice Reform, Municipal Courts, Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service Implementation, 9-1-1 Regional Council of Governments

Diana Minor
Budget Analyst/Hotel-Motel Administrator/Grants Coordinator


Assigned Departments/Agencies:
Emergency Services (EMA, 911, County-Wide Communications), Juvenile Court (Juvenile Detention Center, Youth Treatment Center), Board of Elections, Probate Court

Other Areas of Responsibility:
Board of Revision, Hotel/Motel Tax, Formula Grants, all other Grants, Public Defender, Lucas County Emergency Planning Committee, Soil and Water Conservation District Extension, Invoicing, Plan Commission,  TMACOG Finance Committee, Allocation Review Committee (Grants)

Office of Management and Budget Organizational Chart (PDF)

Laurie Crouse
Budget Analyst


Assigned Departments/Agencies:
Board of Developmental Disabilities, Children Services, Coroner, Family Council, Job and Family Services/Child Support Enforcement Agency, Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, Planning and Development (Building Regulations and Workforce Development), Recorder, Veterans' Service Commission

Other Areas of Responsibility:
Board of Revision, Health Department, Pay-ins, Property Taxes, Levies, Purchase Requisitions/Vouchers

Julie Salazar
Budget Analyst


Assigned Departments/Agencies:
Auditor (Appraising Real Property, Budget Commission, Board of Revision, Real Estate Assessment), Information Services, Commissioners/Administration, Human Resources (Health Insurance and Workers Compensation), Office of Management and Budget (Risk Management and Telecommunications), Sanitary Engineer (Solid Waste, Water Operation, Sewer Operation, Water Resource Recovery Facility), Support Services (Purchasing and Central Supply), Treasurer (Delinquent Tax, Personal Property, Tax Certificate Sale, Tax Installment Payment Plan), Law Library, Canine Care and Control

Other Areas of Responsibility:
Board of Revision, Purchase Requisitions/Vouchers, Olander Park

Mike Bayes
Telecommunication Engineer


Responsible for meeting the communication needs of all County and Court Departments throughout the entire county organization.

Area of Responsibility:
Trouble shoot and/or repair telephone systems, telephones, faxes, wiring and voice mail. All voice and data wiring for the location of new or the relocation of existing individual sites or entire departments.

Diane Robinson
Insurance and Risk Specialist