Terms of Service/Compensation

Terms of Service

Jury service in the Lucas County Common Pleas Court is a "two day or one trial" term of service. This means you may be required to report for selection on either or both days. If you are selected as a trial juror for a particular case, you may be expected to serve for longer than two days. Jurors selected for trial must serve for however long the case lasts. The average length of a trial is two to four days. You will be told the expected length of the trial during the jury selection process so that you can bring any scheduling concerns to the attention of the court. If you are not instructed to report or if you are not seated as a trial juror during the two days listed on your summons, your service will be considered completed.


Petit (Regular) Juror (PDF) - (click to view Example of Summons)

As a Petit (Regular) juror, you will receive $10.00 per half-day and $20.00 per full-day of jury service. Payment is received only if you are called in and appear for jury service. If you are seated as a trial juror for a specific case, you will be paid $20.00 per day. If your jury service exceeds 10 days, you will be paid $30.00 for each extra day. If you are employed, check with your employer to see whether you will be paid while serving on jury duty. If you report for service, you will receive a confirmation of the dates you served and the amount you were paid for jury service. The check, with service confirmation, will be sent to you following your service.

Grand Juror (PDF)- (click to view Example of Summons)

As a Grand Juror, you will receive $10.00 for each day that you serve.