For All Jurors

Welcome to the Jury Commission web page for the Lucas County Common Pleas Court. This site has been created for use by prospective jurors, their employers, and the general public to find out about jury service in our court.

If you are accessing this website because you have received a jury summons, we sincerely hope that your stay with us will provide you with an enjoyable, interesting, educational, and meaningful experience regarding the law, the courts, and our system of justice. Your service as a juror in our court is crucial to our legal system. Simply put, we cannot function without you! There is no more valuable work that citizens can perform during peacetime than that of the full and honest discharge of jury duty.

New!  To expedite registration and check-in, please visit Jury Duty Portal to complete your juror form.

We're sure that you have many questions regarding your jury duty. Upon your arrival for jury service, you will receive an orientation which will address many of these issues. In the meantime, this website has been created to address many preservice concerns and also to give you an idea of what jury service is like in the Common Pleas Court.

In case of inclement weather, please call 419-213-4288 to obtain information related to the closing of the Court.

If you do not find the answers to your questions here or if you wish to speak directly to the jury office personally, please contact 419-213-4790.

Reporting Instructions

Trial jurors must be available and ready to report when instructed. All jurors are on stand-by status for the two days shown on your summons and must call a recorded message which contains instructions regarding the actual need to report to the courthouse.

Please call 419-213-4288 after 5:00 pm both evenings before your Service Dates

A recorded message will tell you which group numbers are to report the following day and the time they are needed to report. If your group number is not called the first day, you need to call that evening for your second day reporting instructions. If you are not instructed to report either day, your service is completed. Please report to the courthouse by the time stated on the recorded message.
NOTE: Late arrivals are subject to rescheduling without pay. Please do not bring children, relatives, or friends with you as the waiting facilities for jurors are limited.