Juvenile Detention Center


Lucas County Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) provides temporary detention for delinquent youth. The function of JDC is two-fold:
  • To provide temporary, secure detention for youth who present a danger to themselves or to the community, or who may abscond pending the disposition of cases
  • To coordinate social, psychological, and psychiatric evaluations of children in order to assist and advise the Court regarding the disposition of cases

Policy and procedures within JDC are guided by compliance with Federal and State law.

During 2019, JDC had 1,086 bookings (youth brought to the facility by law enforcement) and 880 admissions (youth detained overnight in the facility). More information regarding bookings and admissions may be found in the statistical section of this report, along with data from prior years.

Read the Juvenile Detention Center's 2018 Annual Report

Community Detention 2018 Annual Report

Contents include:

  • Continued success
  • Rational Behavior Training (RBT)
  • Medical clinic
  • Rescue mental health services
  • And more

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA):

If you are aware of or suspect alleged sexual misconduct within the Juvenile Detention Center, please complete the PREA Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form.

PREA Information - Parent and Resident Handbook
PREA Información - Spanish PREA folleto de Información