City, Village, and Township Support Service


The Lucas County Solid Waste Management District supports communities' individual programs and recycling efforts by providing resources such as promotion and awareness programs, literature and advertising development, research, collection contract assistance and special event coordination with solid waste management expertise and resources.

Each community within the District varies on the types of services and programs it offers its residents and business sector. The District tailors many of its services to the unique needs of these individual communities.


As part of the Solid Waste Management Plan, the District provides support to communities located in the District to implement new, and support existing, solid waste reduction and recycling programs, which assist the District in meeting the goals and objectives of the Plan.
The District also develops and presents cooperative and collective programs to lower individual community costs and offer a uniform method of collection for all county residents.

Market DevelopmentGreen Bottle Label

The District assists local businesses with the development of recycled products through 'Market Development Grants' offered through the State of Ohio. Grants support projects for research and development of products utilizing recycled materials in their products.

Through this grant program, the District, in cooperation with private industry, created its own product for educational purposes called "The Green Bottle ©." The first of its kind in the world, the plastic bottle is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastics.