Training and Development Information

Employee Training Through the Syntrio Online System

Employees, particularly new employees, are occasionally required to take part in training through our online training provider Syntrio.  To access the training portal, click here. Instructions on how to access the system are also online (PDF).

Civil Service School Presentations and Handouts

Did you miss a session or do you simply want to review the presentations again?  Use the links below to access the Civil Service School videos and handouts.  

If you are unable to view the videos, please reach out to the LCIS Help Desk and ask to be granted permission to view the videos.

  1. Introduction to Civil Service (Video)  Handouts (PDF)
  2. Vacations, Holidays, Jury Duty, and Personal Leave (Video)  Handouts (PDF)
  3. Sick Leave, Administrative Leave, Funeral/Bereavement Leave, and Disability Separation  Handouts (PDF)
  4. Recruitment and Selection, Probationary Period, Compensation, and Overtime (Video)  Handout (PDF)
  5. Disciplinary Action and Appeal of Disciplinary Action (Video)  Handout (PDF)
  6. Layoffs, Position Abolishment, and Appeals to Both (Video)   Handout (PDF)
  7. Furloughs, Modified Work Weeks, Political Activity, and More (Video)  Handout (PDF)