Emergency Notification

Being informed about severe weather or other threats can be life-saving. Check out the sections below on how to stay aware of this critical information. 

Outdoor Warning Sirens

Lucas County has a network of 130+ sirens, which are set off for tornado warnings, high winds that are above 75 miles per hour, or acts of terrorism. For more information on the Lucas County siren system, check out our sirens page. 

Lucas County Alerts/Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS)

Lucas County Alerts is a free service emergency notification system offered to anyone interested in receiving emergency notifications for Lucas County. Messages may include snow emergency levels, evacuation or shelter in place instructions, or boil water advisories. Sign up at www.lucascountyalerts.com, or get additional information by visiting our Lucas County Alerts page. 

NOAA Weather Radio

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) weather radios that sound an alert to notify people nearby that there are severe weather conditions. These radios are inexpensive and widely available to the public. Having one in your home that is set to your specific area (models marked "SAME" - Specific Alert Message Encoding allow this feature) is the best way to ensure that you and your household will be alerted to any severe weather. Make sure to put in batteries as a backup in the event the power goes out, and check your batteries each season when you rotate your emergency kit.

Other notifications

There are a number of other ways to stay informed of emergency messages, including: 

- Phone apps

- Local TV

- Local radio

- Local weather stations 

- Internet