Effective December 27, 2023, the following update to Loc.R. 10 has been made.

Loc.R. 10 Briefs – Updated to comply with “Word Count” provisions of App.R. 19

(A) Filing, Number and Length of Briefs. All parties shall file an original and 4 copies of their briefs. Initial briefs of appellant and appellee, and reply briefs shall not exceed the limitations in App.R. 19(A). Reply briefs are not permitted in accelerated calendar appeals except with leave of court. All page limits are exclusive of the table of contents, lists of authorities, and appendix. For good cause shown, the court may grant a party’s motion for leave to file a brief in excess of the page limitations. The motion shall specify the number of extra pages or additional word count requested and the reasons extra pages or words are required.

Additionally, comments are requested for the following proposed amendment to Loc.R. 19.  The Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals will accept comments until January 26, 2024. 

Comments on the proposed amendment should be submitted in writing to Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals, Attention Jason A. Hill, One Constitution Avenue, Toledo, Ohio, 43604, may be faxed to 419-213-4844, or e-mailed to


Loc.R. 19 Record on Appeal

RULE 19. RECORD ON APPEAL In addition to the requirements in App.R. 9, a transcript of proceedings prepared by a reporter to be included in the record on appeal shall state “NO EXHIBITS IDENTIFIED” if there are no exhibits identified or otherwise referred to in the transcript. This statement shall be in place of the “index to exhibits” required in App.R. 9(B)(6).  

The court reporter shall also prepare and include a word index for all transcripts of proceedings filed.  In addition to print copies of the transcripts, which are filed with the clerk’s office, electronic copies of transcripts in searchable Word or PDF form shall be emailed to the court of appeals at  If the court reporter is unable to produce a searchable Word or PDF version of the transcripts, the court reporter shall file a notice with the clerk advising the court of the inability to do so.