Rental Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I file? / Who’s responsible for this?

The Ohio Legislature included this provision in House Bill (HB) 294, which became law on September 28, 2006. The Rental Registration portion of the bill requires residential rental property owners to provide the County Auditor with additional contact information.


What does “Residential Rental Property” mean? (R.C. § 5323.01)

“Residential rental property” means real property that is located in a county that has a population of more than two hundred thousand according to the most recent decennial census and on which is located one or more dwelling units leased or otherwise rented to tenants solely for residential purposes, or a mobile home park or other permanent or semi-permanent site at which lots are leased or otherwise rented to tenants for the parking of a manufactured home, mobile home, or recreational vehicle that is used solely for residential purposes.  “Residential rental property” DOES NOT include a hotel or a college or university dormitory.  


Does this apply to me?

If you own real property, as an individual or as one who has interest in an entity that owns real property (LLC, Corp, LP, Trust, etc.) and you don't reside in the property AND you are or considering renting the property to another person(s) for residential purposes, this law may apply to you and you should file our office-prepared form in order to be in compliance. This law does have legal consequences and as such, if you don't understand whether you should file, you should consult an attorney.


For example, a parcel which leases retail stores on the first floor and rents apartments on the second floor to residential tenants would be considered residential rental property even though the parcel may be classified as commercial for real property tax purposes.  


Generally speaking, if you own property, don’t live in it and receive compensation from others who do live in it – there is a good chance HB 294 applies to you and you should read and file the enclosed Lucas County Rental Registration Form.   If you are not certain – you should consult your attorney.


Where may I find more Rental Registration Forms?

Additional Lucas County Rental Registration Forms are available in the following options:

  1. Complete electronically at:                                    
  2. Pick up forms at One Government Center, Suite 770, Toledo, OH 43604;
  3. Call (419) 213-4406 to request a form be sent standard mail or email; or
  4. Download a Portable Document Format (PDF) form online at:


What information must be on the form? (R.C. § 5323.02)

The following shall be included by the owner and/or the contact person being registered:

  1. Name of contact person, 
  2. Address of contact person, and 
  3. Phone number of contact person.
  4. The street address and parcel number to identify the residential rental property. 



Where do I return the Rental Registration Form(s)?

Forms can be filed with the Lucas County Auditor’s Office by the following:

  1. Emailing the scanned completed PDF to:  RENTALREGISTRATION@CO.LUCAS.OH.US
  2. Dropping off at One Government Center, Suite 770, Toledo, OH 43604; or
  3. Mailing to One Government Center, Suite 770, Toledo, OH 43604.


When do I need to file the Rental Registration Form?

Property owners are encouraged to file as soon as possible, so they are in compliance with the law.  The law requires property owners to comply within sixty (60) days after receiving notice of the requirement to file or when the property tax bill is received, or after any change in the information occurs.  


May I use a Rental Registration Form from another county or agency?

No. The Lucas County Auditor’s office will only accept the form provided by our office.


What is the Auditor’s office going to do with this information?

The forms will be public information as with all government forms. The Auditor’s office does not have plans at this point to disseminate the information. The Auditor’s office is simply the depository for the forms and will file and maintain them so that they are available for public



What is the penalty if I do not file the Rental Registration Form?

If not in compliance, the state permits the county auditor to impose a special assessment on residential rental property that is the subject of the violation that is not less than fifty dollars or more than one hundred fifty dollars.


Do I need an attorney?

Possibly.  All property owners are encouraged to understand HB 294.  In the event property owners have any legal questions, it is recommended they seek legal counsel.  The Auditor’s office will gladly answer general questions, but is unable to provide legal advice.


What should I do if I reside outside of Ohio?

An owner of residential rental property who resides outside of the state shall designate an in-state agent.  The agent must be at least 18 years of age and be a resident of Ohio.  


If I own an apartment complex or mobile home park, must I file a separate Rental Registration Form for each apartment unit or mobile home site?

No.   Owners need to file for each parcel of land not each unit or site.  The Lucas County Rental Registration Form will accommodate multiple parcels.  Additional sheets may be attached with the form if necessary.


What is the cost of registration?

There are no fees associated with the Residential Rental Property registration.

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