Which courtroom is scheduled to hear my case?
In order to determine the courtroom your case is to be heard in, we need your case number or your name.

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1. Where is the Domestic Relations Division of the Lucas County Clerk of Courts located?
2. Am I in the correct court?
3. Which courtroom is scheduled to hear my case?
4. Is there a Divorce or Post Divorce filed?
5. Has my divorce been granted?
6. What is the cost to file for a Divorce, Legal Separation, or Dissolution?
7. Does it cost more if there are minor children involved?
8. What about a motion for consent parenting for a dissolution of marriage?
9. Can your office advise me on what I need to do with regards to my case?
10. Are there other fees associated with Divorce, Dissolution, Legal Separations and Annulments?
11. Am I required to have an attorney file all necessary paperwork for a divorce, dissolution, legal separation or annulment?
12. Do you accept Credit Card Payments?