Where can I obtain a copy of the Local Rules governing our courts?
Go to the home page of the Lucas County Clerk of Courts and click on Government/Clerk of Courts/Legal Divisions and select any of the divisions. Scroll down to the link for Local Rules and click on it.

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1. Where is the Criminal Division located?
2. Am I in the correct courthouse?
3. Which courtroom is my case in?
4. Is case information available on line?
5. A family member was recently arrested and is awaiting arraignment and I need to speak to them. How do I contact them?
6. Do I have any warrants?
7. How can I have my record expunged?
8. What happened in court today with regards to my case?
9. What is my court date?
10. Can I pay my court costs and/or court ordered restitution over the phone?
11. Can you provide me with the total costs of my case?
12. If a person is on record as indigent (impoverished), is that person required to pay court costs?
13. Who decides the amount of my court ordered restitution?
14. Who determines my payments and how often I must pay?
15. What types of bonds are there?
16. I have a court appointed attorney. Does this mean that I do not have to pay for an my attorney?
17. What are the procedures for posting property as a form of bond?
18. Information contained in my background check is inaccurate. What can I do to have this corrected?
19. I am in need of an attorney but cannot afford one. Who can I contact?
20. May I speak to a lawyer?
21. What is the number for the Public Defender's office?
22. How can I get in contact with the Lucas County Prosecutor's office?
23. I need a copy of an order regarding my case. How and where may I obtain that copy?
24. Where do I obtain a Marriage License?
25. How can I obtain copies of a case?
26. Where can I obtain a copy of the Local Rules governing our courts?
27. What is a Certificate of Qualification for Employment and how do I apply for one?
28. Do you accept fax filings?
29. How much do you charge for copies?
30. Do you accept credit card payments?