Administrative Section

Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division of the Lucas County Sheriff's Office is comprised of a number of Sections that play an important role in the overall success of the entire Office.

The Court Security Section is responsible for providing a safe environment in a number of our local courts, including Toledo Municipal Court, Family Court, the Sixth District Court of Appeals and Juvenile Court. The Court Transportation Section is responsible for providing a safe and secure method of transporting inmates to these same various courts, as well as other Courts including Lucas County Common Pleas Court.

The Personnel Section is a division of Administrative Services, This section is responsible for all of the time-keeping and payroll duties, as well as benefits and many other issues, such as Workers Compensation and Family Medical Leave. The Lucas County Sheriff's Office also administers a DARE program in conjunction with the area school districts, which educates local youth about the dangers associated with drug use.

The Community Affairs Section, which includes a comprehensive effort in the fight against crime through involvement in local Block Watch activities are also part of this Division. Finally, the Sheriff's Civil Section is responsible for all Civil Process Service in Lucas County as well as all Sheriff's Foreclosure Sales.