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Domestic Relations Division Subpoena PDF with entry fields (prints front to back via manual insert)

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Domestic Relations Schedule One PDF with entry fields

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Please do not use this Payment Portal for payment of any General Trial Division costs or payments.  This portal is for use only for payments to the Domestic Relations Division of the Court of Common Pleas.  Please refer to the Payment Portal for the General Trial Division to execute those payments.  In all cases, it is mandatory that the case number be included in order to process your payments.  Failure to provide the case number may result in your payment not being processed.

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Overview of the Domestic Relations Division

The Domestic Relations Division of the Clerk of Courts is responsible for the filing, docketing, and distribution of court papers from attorneys, judges, magistrates, child support enforcement officials, and the general public pertaining to divorce, dissolution of marriage, and domestic violence cases.

As is the case with the other divisions of the Clerk’s office, the primary challenge is one of information and records management. Many of the cases processed in Domestic Relations Court involve support to minor children.

Thus, our system requires constant tracking of cases and frequent updating as court orders are amended and/or the children reach adult age. As a service to our customers, we offer numerous forms and instructions. These may be obtained by visiting our office in the Family Court Center. Additionally, Domestic Relations Schedules 1-5 are now available on this website in pdf entry field documents and can be found under Legal Forms/Domestic Relations Division.  These forms are also available at our office located on the first floor of the Family Court Center located at 429 N. Michigan St. in downtown Toledo.