Never Shake a Baby

Never Shake a Baby
It is normal for some babies to cry for 2-3 hours a day. Most shaken baby incidents happen because the person caring for the child loses control. If you become frustrated or stressed out:
  1. Give the baby to a relative or trusted neighbor to watch for a while
  2. If no one is available, put the child in a safe place (crib or playpen) and walk out of the room
  3. Take 10 deep breaths….then take 10 more – GET YOURSELF UNDER CONTROL
  • Play activities that can be dangerous to small children (under the age of 2) include tossing them into the air, jogging with an infant on your back or spinning children on your shoulders
  • Make sure anyone in contact with your baby – a sitter, relative, friend; the child’s siblings – knows the danger of shaken baby syndrome
  • Always provide support to your baby’s head when transporting, holding, or playing with your baby
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