Homestead Exemption Program

Contact Information

The office of the Lucas County Auditor is open. Call our office at 419.213.4406 or email us at

If you need to complete a deed transfer, we recommend contacting a company that offers E-Recording, who may assist you for a fee: Transfer Conveyance List of Professional Companies to E-Record

Auditor's departmental phone numbers are listed below. Once you call the number and reach the menu, please dial the last four digits again as the extension:

Deed Transfer/Conveyance  (419) 213-4439 or (419) 213-4332
Board of Revision  (419) 213-4424 or (419) 213-4327
CAUV/Homestead  (419) 213-4403
Dog, Cigarette or Vendors License  (419) 213-4443
Finance  (419) 213-4329 or (419) 213-4435
Disbursements  (419) 213-4328
Tax Accounting  (419) 213-4446 or (419) 213-4154
Special Assessments-Exemptions  (419) 213-4292 or (419) 213-4154
Payroll  (419) 213-4348 or (419) 213-4346
Weights and Measures  (419) 213-4447
Homeowners Real Estate Questions  (419) 213-4142, (419) 213-4434, 
(419) 213-4155 or (419) 213-4153
Commercial/Business Real Estate:  (419) 213-4833
GENERAL QUESTIONS:  (419) 213-4338, (419) 213-4403, 
(419) 213-4432 or (419) 213-4335

Email questions to
TEXT a question to (419) 309-7877
Lucas County Auditor, Anita Lopez (419) 213-4322

General Information

The Homestead Exemption is a reduction in Real Estate taxes for those who qualify. The exemption, a credit on property tax bills, allows qualifying homeowners to exempt up to $25,000 of the market value of their home from property taxes.

Real Estate and Mobile Home Homestead applications are accepted until December 31st of the year being applied for. 

Senior citizens or disabled persons that meet the following criteria, are encouraged to apply for Homestead:
  • 65 or older. Please note: It doesn't matter what date you turn 65, apply the year you turn 65.
  • Totally and permanently disabled. Disabled applicants must have a physician complete the certificate of disability form or submit a certificate from a state or federal agency.
  • Applicants must own and occupy their home or mobile home or have ownership interest in it (i.e. land contract), as of January 1 of the application year.
  • For new applicants the total threshold income as $34,200 for tax year 2021 (for real property) and tax year 2022 (for manufactured or mobile homes). For fast processing, include the 2020 Ohio Income Tax filing.                                                                                         Note: Household income includes income of the applicant and the applicant's spouse. Social Security income is exempt and not considered income for Homestead.
  • 100% VA Certified Military Veterans may also qualify for Homestead.
  • Information for DISABLED VETERANS