File Pleadings Via eMail

To file email pleadings via email:

Clerk Review. A Lucas County Juvenile Court Clerk will review all documents submitted by email for filing to ensure compliance with court rules before officially accepting the documents for filing and generating a docket entry. Non-compliant documents filed by email will be rejected by a clerk reviewer. A Clerk shall send an electronic mail notice to the user who filed the document when a filed document is rejected. Users will have 48 business hours to amend and re-file rejected documents. Rejected documents that are not amended within 48 business hours of emailed rejection notice may be dismissed, at the discretion of the court.

File Stamp Date/Time: All pleadings filed after 4:30 PM will be file-stamped the next business day.

Proposed Orders and Stipulations: Proposed orders, stipulations and any other documents typically submitted without an immediate file stamp until signed by assigned judge or magistrate, preferably in .doc or .docx format, however, pdf is acceptable.

Submit filings via email to using the above instructions.