Grading and Drainage Rules

          The Board of Lucas County Commissioners adopts Part X of the Lucas County Building Regulations which pertain to Grading and Drainage Review, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 307.37(3)(a), to protect existing surface and subsurface drainage from development activities as well to promote positive drainage for new developments, to prevent or correct any adverse effects that proposed construction may have on existing surface or subsurface drainage, to establish criteria to maintain existing surface and subsurface drainage, as well as promote positive drainage in order to promote and protect the health, safety, and well-being of the residents of Lucas County.    

           These Rules apply to new construction on parcels which could impact existing surface or subsurface drainage on other parcels in unincorporated Lucas County, including but not limited to individual or multiple residential lots, multi-family developments, commercial and industrial developments, recreational projects, general clearing and grading projects, underground utilities, highways, building activities on farms, redevelopment of urban areas and all other uses unless expressly excluded as follows: These rules shall not apply to any property that has been approved by a process developed under the authority of Ohio Revised Code Sections 711.05, 711.09, and/or 711.10. 

Grading and Drainage Regulations (PDF)

Sidewalk and Grading Permit - for inside a platted subdivision

Grading and Drainage Permit - for outside a platted subdivision

Grading and Drainage Resolution 18-875 (PDF)

Grading and Drainage Letter to interested parties (PDF)

Sample Drawing (PDF)