When We Can Help...and When We Can't

Many people wonder when calling Lucas County Children Services is the right thing to do. You might be looking for resources to help your family through a difficult time. However, LCCS responds to family problems only when they create unsafe conditions that lead to potential child abuse or neglect.

Some examples that have the potential to lead to abuse or neglect:
  • Drug abuse in the presence of children
  • Domestic violence in the presence of children
  • Loaded or unsecured weapons that are accessible to children
LCCS will screen in, or accept notification, that a family does not have utilities and has no access to alternative provisions, when the situation poses a safety threat to children (e.g., lack of electricity for an infant who requires an apnea monitor; no access to water; no heat source in the winter).

LCCS will screen out notifications about families that lack utilities but do have access to alternative provisions, thus eliminating the safety threat (e.g., no water in the home but the parent brings water into the home or utilizes neighbor’s/relative’s facilities). Calls not posing a risk to children will be referred to community resources such as United Way 2-1-1, shelters, food banks and local churches.

Juvenile delinquency should be reported to local law enforcement or the Juvenile Court.