Ohio EPA SWIF Grants

The Lucas County Engineer’s Office was the recipient of two Ohio EPA Stormwater Improvement Fund Grants. The first grant was in the amount of $41,300. This grant was for work to be performed at the new Lucas County Engineer’s Office at 1049 South McCord Road. The Lucas County Engineer’s Office installed approximately 2,900 square feet of permeable pavement and a 6,700 square foot rain garden. Permeable pavement has been shown to reduce the amount of sheet flow run off from impervious surfaces, by allowing water to infiltrate down through the pavement, and into the ground. Rain gardens are beneficial in capturing and treating storm water runoff from parking lots, and rooftops. The rain garden at the LCE’s office captures run off from the parking lot, several rooftop downspouts, and adjacent lawn areas. It has also been placed in public view along McCord Road, and planted with many different species of native plants. Planting was performed by Jacob Neubert and other Boy Scouts, for Jake’s Eagle Scout Project.

The second Stormwater Improvement Fund Grant provided by the Ohio EPA, in the amount of $40,600, was used to place 3,600 square feet of permeable concrete at the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities at 1154 Larc Lane. The permeable pavement installation at Larc Lane focused on placing the pavement around catch basins, therefore intercepting and infiltrating flow prior to reaching the storm sewer system. Additionally the specification was changed for the Larc Lane installation, requiring 6 inches more sub base, as well as underdrains. Permeable pavement is relatively new to Northwest Ohio, and the Lucas County Engineer’s Office is thankful for the Ohio EPA for allowing the installation of this practice as a demonstration project. There have already been several groups out to the Larc Lane site to view the permeable pavement, and to learn more about what makes a successful installation.