Homestead Water Reduction Program

If you are enrolled in the Auditor's Homestead program and are a resident of the City of Toledo, City of Maumee, City of Oregon (live within City limits), or Lucas County, you may qualify for their respective Water Rate Reduction Programs. Please note, the discount may not apply to manufactured mobile homes. To find out if you qualify, contact the following entities:
Toledo residents can call the City's Water Department at (419) 245-1800 to see if you qualify and/or if you have any questions. Additional information can also be obtained through the City's website. There is no income requirement to apply.

Maumee residents can contact the City of Maumee Utility Billing Division at (419) 897-7127. Once the application is approved, the discount will become effective with the next quarterly bill. The is no income requirement to apply.

Oregon residents will need to complete a form to enroll in their Homestead Credit program. You can call the Auditor's office to have an application mailed to your home or download a copy. Oregon residents can also call the City's Public Utilities Department at (419) 698-7039 or visit their website for additional information. There is no income requirement to apply.

Lucas County residents can download an application or call the Sanitary Engineer's Department at (419) 213-2926 for additional information. There is an income requirement to be eligible for the program.

You may also contact us at (419) 213-4406 if you have any questions regarding the aforementioned programs.