Educational Programs

Schedule Earth Exploring Experiences

KT/LCB staff offers free classroom demonstrations for students of all ages!
Check out some of the of the demonstrations offered:

The Incredible Edible Landfill
Students build a model landfill out of pudding and pie crust. This is one landfill they won't mind eating at the end!

Landfill Display Model
The landfill model will demonstrate how modern landfill systems today are different from the dumps of the past.
This is a wonderful tool for helping people of all ages understand how a landfill works.

Litter Olympics
This is an outdoor or gymnasium activity where students play games using litter or recyclables.

Pack To Reduce
Students work in groups to determine whether or not the contents of sample lunches are reusable or recyclable.
Then they make presentations about the lunches to the class. Other topics discussed are nutrition, cost, convenience, and litter.

Paper Pin Decorating
Students decorate handmade pins, made from recycled paper.

Tin Can Papermaking
Each student makes one sheet of recycled paper. Group size is limited to less than 30. Additional adults may be needed depending on group size.

Wallpaper Bead Necklace
Each student makes a necklace out of old wallpaper samples.

Call our Education Specialist at (419) 213-2252 or submit online request to schedule a presentation.