Foster Parent Requirements

Basic Requirements

Foster Family
Prospective foster parents must undergo background checks and a home safety inspection in addition to attending mandatory pre-service training.

You must be at least 21 years old and have income sufficient to meet the needs of your household. You must be able to provide emergency transportation (either own a car or have access to one). You may be married or single; work outside the home; own or rent your home; live in a house, apartment or mobile home. It does not matter if you already have other children in your home.

At least one foster caregiver or applicant in the home must read, write and speak English. However, cultural factors such as race, marital status, sexual orientation, ethnicity and religious affiliation have no bearing.

Foster parents must possess basic parenting skills. But since foster children have special needs, foster parents must also have special skills. They must be patient and forgiving. They must be committed to the best interest of the children, which means loving and nurturing them…and then often giving them back. Foster parents must also be supportive of the children’s birth families.

More Information

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