Mill Information

General Information


The property tax rate is measured in mills; a mill is one tenth of a cent and is used in expressing tax rates on a per-dollar basis. This translates to $1 for each $1,000 of assessed property value.

Inside Mills -
Inside Mills are NOT approved by the voters, but instead are approved through the (Lucas) County budget commission. Inside mills are limited to 10 mills on each property and for each taxing district. Inside mills are NOT subject to provisions of H.B. 920; meaning funding (and your tax) rises as the value of your property rises, and falls as the value of your property falls. In its current configuration, there are no available inside mills throughout Lucas County.

Voted or Outside Mills -
Voted or Outside Mills are voted mills in excess of the 10 mill (inside mill) limitation. Voted mills are subject to provisions of H.B. 920, meaning the State adjusts the tax rate, such that a voted levy collects no more in the future than it collects during the first year it is enacted. Only voted current expenses and permanent improvement rates are subject to H.B. 920.