Leo Flanagan

  Photograph of Deputy Sheriff Leo Flanagan

Leo Flanagan

Tour of Duty Ended October 10, 1933
Date of Death: October 10, 1933 (Tuesday)
Age: 38

On October 10, 1933 at 1:30 a.m., Deputy Leo Flanagan was killed while attempting to arrest a murder suspect on Wamba Drive.

Deputy Sheriff Flanagan, along with Sheriff David Krieger went to a home on Wamba Drive to arrest Floyd (Sailor) Baldwin who was wanted for murder in connection with a holdup at a Sylvania golf course. A gun battle ensued wherein Deputy Flanagan was shot. Upon further investigation, it was determined that while attempting to apprehend Floyd Baldwin, Deputy Flanagan was killed accidentally by a fellow officer.

According to the October 10, 1933 edition of the Toledo Blade, Deputy Flanagan was transported to Toledo Hospital for treatment. Deputy Flanagan's brother arrived shortly thereafter. While undergoing a blood transfusion from his brother Joseph, Deputy Flanagan died.

Deputy Flanagan was survived by his brother Joseph, parents Mr. And Mrs. Edward Flanagan, and a sister.