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All permits and applications are to be used for the unincorporated areas of Lucas County (Townships) and require a site plan.

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Residential Site Plan Requirements

All permits are required to have a site plan clearly showing the applicant's development plans. The following site plan checklist can help make sure your plan includes all required information.

Residential Site Plan Checklist (PDF)

The following Sample Site Plan can be used as a reference.

Residential Sample Site Plan (PDF)

If the project will disturb one (1) acre or more of land, you will need to follow the Lucas County SWP3 requirements here.

Commercial/Industrial Site Plan and Subdivision Requirements

The link below will bring up a document that outlines the required items that must be included as part of the LCExpress intake process.

Commercial Site Plan and Subdivision Submittal Validation Requirements (PDF)

Site Plan and Subdivision Submittal Validation Requirements (PDF)

LCEO Preliminary Engineering Plan Checklist (XLSX)

LCEO Final Engineering Plan Checklist (XLSX)

LCEO Commercial/Industrial Site Plan Checklist (XLSX)

If the project will disturb one (1) acre or more of land, you will need to follow the Lucas County SWP3 requirements on our Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan page.

LCExpress Questions and Clarifications Log

The link below will allow you to download a spreadsheet form for questions and clarification on certain items pertaining to LCExpress by Case Number, date of question and response and if further information is needed.

Questions and Clarifications Log Form (XLSX)

Fee Schedule

Typically the Lucas County Engineer will determine the fees that apply to your development plans and provide you with an invoice based on the fee schedule.

The Lucas County Engineer's Fee Schedule is broken down by the following. General Permits, Enclose or Connect Permits, Sidewalk and Drainage Permit, Grading and Drainage Permit, Floodplain Development Permit, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Approval Fees, Access Management Fees, Private Development / Site Plan Review Fees, Construction Plan Review Fees, and Sanitary and Waterline Plan Review Fees.

LCEO Fee Schedule (PDF)

LCExpress Review Timeframes

The link below is a document that explains the commitment of the Lucas County Engineer's Office to specific timeframes for reviews within LCExpress.

Document Review Timeframes (PDF)