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Lucas County

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Demolition Program

The Lucas County Land Bank’s mission is to improve the quality of neighborhoods, increase land values, create diverse housing opportunities, and return properties to the tax rolls. The Land Bank does this by promoting real estate redevelopment and eliminating blight in vacant, abandoned and underutilized properties. In carrying out its mission, the Land Bank routinely demolishes vacant and abandoned nuisance properties with the goal of stabilizing and increasing neighborhood property values and eliminating hazards to public health and safety.

Moving Ohio Forward Grant Program

In July of 2012, the Land Bank was awarded a $3.6 million grant from the Ohio Attorney General for the purpose of demolishing vacant and abandoned residential properties throughout Lucas County. With dedicated matching funds from the Land Bank and the City of Toledo, the Land Bank is spending $6.8 million through May, 2014 to demolish hundreds of properties.

The Land Bank has partnered closely with the City of Toledo’s Department of Code Enforcement and community based organizations to identify specific properties throughout Lucas County where demolition is necessary.

For more information about this program, please contact Shantae Brownlee, Properties Manager, at (419) 213-4293.