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Demolition Program

The Lucas County Land Bank’s mission is to improve the quality of neighborhoods, increase land values, create diverse housing opportunities, and return properties to the tax rolls. The Land Bank does this by promoting real estate redevelopment and eliminating blight in vacant, abandoned and underutilized properties. In carrying out its mission, the Land Bank routinely demolishes vacant and abandoned nuisance properties with the goal of stabilizing and increasing neighborhood property values and eliminating hazards to public health and safety.

OHFA Neighborhood Initiative Grant Program (2014-2017)

The Lucas County Land Bank has been awarded a $11,521,525 grant to facilitate vacant property demolition and greening improvements through the Ohio Housing Finance Agency's Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP).  These grant dollars will be spent between April 1, 2014 and June, 2017.  The Land Bank anticipates demolishing and remediating 1,150 vacant properties during this time in partnership with the City of Toledo and our private contractors.

All vacant properties have now been identified for demolition and no more candidates are being accepted under this Program.

NIP is designed to reduce the incidents of mortgage foreclosure and abandonment in targeted neighborhoods throughout our community.  The Land Bank's grant application identified 8 target areas in the City of Toledo for strategic demolition activity.

OHFA NIP Master Target Area Map

OHFA NIP Master Demolition List - sorted by Target Area (updated: 2/4/16)

OHFA NIP Master Demolition List - sorted by Batch Status (updated: 2/4/16)

Please note: all information posted on this page is subject to change.  No demolition will occur on any property posted on this page until owned by the Land Bank.  For more information, please contact the Land Bank at (419) 213-4293.

General Fund Demolition

From time to time, the Land Bank prioritizes demolition projects with our own limited funding sources, which we call General Fund demolition.  Much of this work falls into two categories: Neighborhood-Based Commercial (or Industrial) properties and also Residential properties falling outside of the OHFA NIP Target Areas.  Many times, these projects are accomplished in partnership with community organization and local governments.

Below is a list of our current General Fund demolition projects, which will be updated occasionally.

General Fund Demolition Projects (updated: 10/5/15)

Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Grant Program (2012-2014)

Beginning in August 2012, the Land Bank partnered with the Ohio Attorney General's office to demolish approximately 800 vacant properties under the Moving Ohio Forward demolition program.

As of September 30, 2014, the Land Bank has completed all demolition work on 862 properties in Lucas County.  A full and final report on this outcomes of this program is posted below.

Ohio Attorney General - Final Moving Ohio Forward Statewide Report
Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Grant - LCLRC Final Community Report (as of 12/5/14)