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Lucas County

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AREIS Online

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1. How do I search for a property or address?
2. Why can't I bring up a Front Structure Photo or Sketch?
3. How can I save the map?
4. How do I report a problem with a Structure Sketch or Photo?
5. Why is the AREIS Online window so small (or so big) on my screen?
6. Why doesn't the Previous Map button always work?
7. Why does the map I printed not fit on the paper?
8. Why can't I read some of the text when I print a map?
9. Why do the fonts in AREIS Online not fit on my screen or look different?
10. Why does it take so long for the map to change?
11. Why doesn't the information change when I choose a different entry in the Results window?
12. Why don't the Results change when I click on the map?
13. Why can't I select multiple parcels, create buffer searches, zoom in by drawing a box, or pan by dragging?
14. Can AREIS Online work on Macintosh OS?
15. Do I need to use *Wildcards* when I search?