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Lucas County

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Lucas County Children Services

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1. When does the LCCS board meet?
2. How do I recognize child abuse or neglect?
3. Who is mandated by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect?
4. Who do I contact?
5. How do I submit a records request?
6. How do I submit a comment, question or concern?
7. What services do you provide?
8. Who does LCCS serve?
9. If my children are removed, how do I get them back?
10. How do I get custody of a child?
11. What is a Family Case Conference?
12. What will happen at the Family Case Conference?
13. What is an Administrative Review/ 90 Day Case Review?
14. Is it important to attend the meetings scheduled on my case?
15. I am caring for a family member or friend’s child. What support is available to me?
16. What is your policy on minority affairs and inclusion?
17. How do I set up child support for my child?
18. I have a great program that would benefit LCCS clients. How do I get a contract with LCCS?
19. How do I request recent or historical records from LCCS or the Miami Children's Home?
20. How large is LCCS and how is it funded?