Bid Title: Sanitary Sewer No. 749-D, Hill Avenue, Springfield Township
Category: Construction
Status: Closed



Sealed BIDS for the furnishing of the necessary materials and construction of

Sanitary Sewer No. 749-D
Hill Avenue
Springfield Township

will be received by Lucas County, Ohio, at the office of the Board of County Commissioners, One Government Center, Suite 800, Toledo, Ohio 43604, until Wednesday, April 29 th, 2009 2:00 p.m., local time and at that time and place will be publicly opened and read aloud. 

The proposed  work consists of the construction of approximately 1898  feet of 12" Premium Joint Conduit, Risers, Service Connections, Manholes, Directional Drilling, connection to existing sewers, and all other necessary appurtenances. Also, Storm Sewer work of approximately 1540 feet of pipe removed and installation of 1480 feet of 24" , 21" 18" of 12" Conduit, Type "B", Catch Basins, asphalt concrete and related work.


The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS are on file at the office of the Lucas County Sanitary Engineer, llll South McCord Road, Holland, Ohio  43528.

A set may be obtained by depositing $35.00 with said Lucas County Sanitary Engineer.  Checks shall be made payable to the Lucas County Sanitary Engineer and are non-refundable.

All BIDS shall be signed and submitted on the BID form bound in the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS.  The BID form shall not be removed from the bound CONTRACT DOCUMENTS.  BIDS shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope marked "Sanitary Sewer No. 749-D" and indicate the name of the BIDDER and be addressed to said Board of County Commissioners.  If forwarded by mail, this envelope shall be placed in another envelope addressed to the Board of County Commissioners, One Government Center, Suite 800, Toledo, Ohio  43604; if forwarded otherwise than by mail, it must be delivered to the Clerk of the Lucas County Commissioners, Toledo, Ohio  43604. 


Each BID shall contain the name of every person, firm or corporation interested in the same. Each BID shall be accompanied by a Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond, a Cashier's Check or a Money Order on a Solvent Bank or Savings and Loan Association. The Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond shall be in an amount equal to 100% of the bid.  Cashier's Check or Money Order on a Solvent Bank or Savings and Loan Association shall be in an amount equal to but not less than 10% of the BID.  Each of the aforementioned shall guarantee to the County that if a contract is awarded to the bidder, he will, within ten days after the date of such award, enter into a proper and acceptable contract for the faithful performance of his work. In the event the Contractor fails to enter into a proper contract, an amount equal to 10% of the Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond or the full amount of the Cashier's Check or Money Order on a Solvent Bank or Savings and Loan Association will be forfeited to Lucas County as liquidating damages. Upon acceptance of the work, a TWO (2) year maintenance bond in the amount of 25% of the contract will be required to guarantee such work.

The BIDDER is advised that included in the contract is a Best Bid Criteria Form. This form must be completed and submitted with the Contract Documents for the Bid Opening. On any construction, repair or renovation project that has an estimated cost of over $15,000.00, the Lucas County Board of Commissioners may determine the lowest and best bidder by considering the factors included on the Best Bid Criteria Form. On a bid by bid basis, the Board of County Commissioners reserves the right to evaluate bidder's subcontractors using the aforementioned best bid criteria. Bidders are strongly encouraged to review the established criteria with subcontractors the bidder is contemplating employing during the project. The consideration of these factors in no manner limits the Lucas County Board of Commissioners discretion in awarding contracts.


All bidders must submit the completed "Compliance Affidavit For Businesses" with their bid.


The Board of Lucas County Commissioners may reject any and all of the bids on any basis and without disclosure of a reason.  The failure to make such a disclosure shall not  result in accrual or any right, claim, or cause of action by any unsuccessful bidder against the Board of Lucas County Commissioners.

By Order of the Board of County Commissioners of Lucas County, Ohio.


Pete Gerken, President
Tina Skeldon Wozniak, Member
Ben Konop, Member

ADOPTED: 6/3/2008

PUBLISHED:Monday, April 13, 2009 & Monday, April 20, 2009 in the Toledo Blade.




Publication Date/Time:
4/13/2009 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
4/29/2009 2:00 PM
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