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Integrated Justice Systems

  1. CASA Test
  2. IJS Time-Off Request
  3. New Equipment Request Form

    Form to be used by staff, administration, etc. for when they are requesting new equipment.

  4. Training Needs: Juvenile Court Employee 2014 Survey

    Form developed to gather knowledge of Juvenile Court staff on training needs.

  5. User CMS Survey

    survey for Juvenile Court employees to gather input about new system

  1. General Division Drug Court Progess Report Services Provided - Beta

    Entering Services Provided, Funding Source, External Referrals, Screens, Discharge & Progress Report for Treatment Provider & Case... More…

  2. LC Lexis Advance Survey
  3. Purchasing Contract Data Form

    Lucas County Telecommunications Dept. **When deciding what information you want on the Printable Staff On-Line Directory keep in mind... More…