Domestic Violence

Domestic ViolenceHearing or seeing the abuse of one parent by the other can have a dramatic emotional impact on a child. Children may become a direct target of the abuse, and often domestic violence is a sign that other abuse or neglect is occurring in the home.

Domestic violence hurts children and makes them more likely to:
  • Abuse drugs and alcohol
  • Suffer from depression or a stress disorder
  • Feel responsible for the abuse
  • Live in daily fear of what to expect at home
  • Grow up believing violence is normal in a family
  • Be injured themselves
  • Face a fear of abandonment
  • Have low self-esteem or social anxiety disorders
Domestic violence affects children even if they are not physically harmed. The emotional and psychological trauma can be just as devastating. The effects may last a lifetime.

Children in these situations may give signs such as withdrawal, use of violence to solve conflicts, unusual injuries, depression, problems at school, or chronic illnesses such as stomachaches.

Be a voice for the victim. Domestic violence is not a private matter, it is a crime. If you believe a child is involved in a domestic violence situation please call 419-213-CARE. If you are a witness to domestic violence, call 911 immediately.

Domestic Violence Resources

Domestic Violence Programs
24-Hour Crisis Response - 419-245-3324
Children's Advocacy Center/Children Who Witness Violence Project - 419-292-2927
Domestic Violence Resource Center - 419-213-2700
Family & Child Abuse Prevention Center - 419-244-3053
Lucas County Children Services - 419-213-3200
Lucas County Victim-Witness Assistance - 419-213-4591
Unison Health - 419-241-4673
United Way - 211
YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter - 888-341-7386

Law Enforcement
Emergency - 911
Holland Police Department - 419-865-7105
Lucas County Sheriff’s Department - 419-213-4949
Lucas County Sheriff’s Department Booking - 419-213-4960
Maumee Police Department - 419-897-7000
Oregon Police Department - 419-691-5787
Ottawa Hills Police Department - 419-531-4211
Sylvania Police Department - 419-885-8900
Toledo Police Department - 419-245-1132
Washington Local Police Department - 419-726-0478
Waterville Police Department - 419-878-6666
Whitehouse Police Department - 419-877-5383

Support Groups
Unison Health - 419-241-4673
YWCA - 419-241-3235

Prosecuting Attorneys
Lucas County - 419-213-4700
Maumee City - 419-897-7085
Oregon City - 419-698-7050
Sylvania City - 419-885-8920
Toledo City - 419-936-2385

Call 9-1-1 for housing information.
Beach House Family Shelter - 419-241-9277
Cocoon (Bowling Green - 1-419-352-1545
Family House - 419-242-5505
La Posada - 419-244-5931
Safety Net (teens 12-17) - 419-206-0926
Sparrow’s Nest - 419-321-1835
Toledo Rescue Mission - 419-242-6642
YWCA Women’s Shelter - 419-241-7386

Download the brochure, "Keeping Yourself Safe"