Proposed Amendment to Local Rule

Comments requested:  The Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals will accept public comments until December 8, 2017, on the following proposed amendment to Rule 10 of the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals local rules. 

Proposed Revision to 6th Dist.Loc.App.R. 10(D)

          (D) Contents of Briefs.  Reply briefs shall be restricted to matters in rebuttal of appellee’s brief.  It is not necessary to include copies of any cases cited in the briefs. An official citation shall be used in the table of cases.  In addition to the requirements of App.R. 16, the appendix of appellant’s brief shall contain a copy of the judgment entry from which the appeal is taken.  If the parties to the appeal base their arguments for or against reversal of the trial court judgment on a contract in a civil or administrative action, the parties shall include a copy of that contract in their appendix.  If the contract is voluminous, the parties may file a motion with the court seeking to waive this requirement.  The motion shall state the length of the contract and/or any other ground for which the party seeks waiver.

Comments on the proposed amendment should be submitted in writing to Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals, Attention Jason A. Hill, One Constitution Avenue, Toledo, Ohio, 43604, or may be faxed to 419-213-4844 or e-mailed to