Foster Caregiver Training and Other Requirements

Foster caregiver training

Lucas County Children Services, in cooperation with the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program, provides in-service training to licensed foster caregivers.

Courses are offered several times throughout the year. Each course includes twelve sessions (Saturday-only all-day trainings cover two sessions each). Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent is welcome. There is no commitment up front, although attendance is mandatory to become licensed.

2016 schedule

View the curriculum (effective August 2015)

This program will enable you to make an informed decision about whether or not to become a foster parent.

Once you have completed this training and decided to become a foster parent, you will move on to the homestudy process.

Ongoing training

Licensed foster caregivers are required to participate in ongoing training in order to maintain their license.

Infant and family foster caregivers will complete 20 hours annually; specialized foster caregivers will complete 30 hours annually.

Workshops to meet the training needs of caregivers are available through the Northwest Ohio Regional Training Center at 419-213-3578 or visit the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program website.